Friday, August 03, 2007

on craft and crafting

Now that everybody is an artist i have become interested in the c word and all that's behind the DIY movement. Agreed there are lots of uncool works, but there's a lot of uncool art too. In fact there's a lot of uncool stuff in life !
What interest me the most is the intellectual backbone behind it and periodically i check around blogs and read what's going on.

One of those trips took me to Ulla Maaria's blog and her manifesto which i found thought provoking. Her blog too is worth a more than superficial glance.
As you know you follow a link ,then one link led to another and yet another and i landed in the Burda page. Well, in a nutshell it is a sewing page with free downloadable patterns. There's also a sewpedia, sewing tips and lots of info.
It's comforting to note that although you have to register to be able to download patterns, there's no copyright uptightness and more of a creative commons scene.
For all of you who sew, enjoy!

neki desu

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  1. Just catching up and saw this piece. Love it. My favourite colour combi - black,white & red. Fantastic.
    Looked at the manifesto - disagree with No.10 or more precisely think there should be a No.13!


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