Monday, July 02, 2007

TAST 26 and life

High drama.Finished the translation and almost lost my marriage arguing over word choices.
Stitchery as an unwinding resource. It works!

TAST26 half chevron offers a lot of possibilities. i started out and the motifs were somewhat skewed no matter what i did or how i marked them . Then i realized the fabric had problems, one side longer than the other. Weavers know that this means tension problems while warping.
Nonetheless i had already dyed it,no big deal, and had already started stitching, big deal here.
So i went with the flow, remember this was a -let's- unwind- a- bit -project .
It turned out not totally horrid, had a pleasant something.
So here it is cop out master.
i used scrunch dyed cotton, cotton thread, silk thread and loosely plied silk. There's also a bit of couched rayon ribbon from Mokuba . This incredibly lucky soul has a shop a block from her place!

neki desu

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  1. Great work Neki
    And thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.


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