Sunday, July 08, 2007

more UFOs

Finished this one yesterday celebrating Tanabata.Recycled shibori silk in shades of black and white and the small rectangle in pinks and yellows. Some commercial silk and hand stitching for a bit of spunk.The small rectangle is outlined in machine stitching using a double needle (for the first time). Fun!

neki desu

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  1. Neki, Find a good reference book of stitches on this bullion stitch, I went through all my books and finally found one that explained how to do it clearly because it is a useful stitch, even though I dont like it. I think the main thing is to come out of the cloth and then go back s few cm's and come out again as close to the first come out as possible without splitting the thread, wind 5 times around the needle from the right side, pull the needle through holding the thread with your finger and then pull it back towards the second stitch you made and go back into the cloth, takes a while to get the sequence. A straw or milliners needle does help.
    Love your blog, I love all things Japanese too.Have been there 4 times.


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