Sunday, May 20, 2007

TAST20- back to academics

Went back to the original fabric and the original objective which was learn the stitches and try to push them further.i was getting too wrapped up in the surface design part and neglecting my original TAST purpose-learning. And what did i learn this week-about stitching i mean? That linen although beautiful is terribly unforgiving and bends out of shape with the hoop. i can mark the fabric till bats fly around my head .Then the hoop comes into action and distorts it and the stitches come out uneven, not perfectly aligned as marked. It's a good thing i like to see the maker's hand in everything!
On the maker's hand do check out Elisabeth's breathtaking experimental stitches.

neki desu


  1. I enjoyed looking at your blog. We share many interests. I love photography, photoshop and making my own designs. I love your weaving design, it is interesting to see how you did it.

  2. Bernadette Houghton12:14 AM

    I love your butterfly chain work. It's beautiful and it just feels happy!


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