Wednesday, May 30, 2007

colorful postman

The postman came today with a colorful surprise delivery. Gunnel sent me this beautiful ATC so now i know what the acronym stands for. i'm part of the in crowd! The photo doesn't make justice, it has a wonderfully rich surface texture and nteresting colors. Thank you Gunnel!

And while on the color topic, this has been around in the dyers community for a while now.I't a great color mixing java applet that works with the standard ProcionMX dyes as well as the Munsell scale and a lot of other goodies. It was a very gracious gift from Olli Niemitalo to the dyers community some years back. Scroll down and read the lit. because it's very comprehensive.

You can tweak with the kind of lighting to get an accurate on screen color rendering.
But that's not all.The real beauty is that by following the percentages you can duplicate the color recipe on and on and on.
O.k. now you just have to control the water quality supply now...

neki desu

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  1. That's a beautiful ATC! Gunnel is such a great blogfriend, very generous and talented!


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