Saturday, April 28, 2007

doodling with threads-TAST 17

De a movable feast

Straight stitch is very straightforward and i gave myself the freedom to indulge and play around a bit.i used a sample of some handwoven wool fabric that was laying around begging to be recycled. Then i realized why it had been laying around, i had had tension problems on the loom and one side wove longer than the other.One can disguise flops with some surface design right?
I airbrushed some color and did some stamping and then on with straight stitch.What a cinch working with this fabric! After leaving my eyes on the linen fabric counting threads, this was piece of cake.

De a movable feast

i still wanted to do some academic work and stitched a more traditional sample.i even used pink! Need i say it is not my favorite color? Does it show? The sample started with straight stitch and ended somehow in a satin of sorts. And there's some figurative work, in case you haven't noticed they are fishes. i used hand dyed perle cotton, silk doupioni, some rayon and the thich thread is tow linen.
The top sample is silk doupioni, silk floss and rayon.


  1. You certainly did indulge yourself with this stitch :) Love the colouring in the top one. You seem to be getting much more experimental of late. Am I right? I personally, much prefer the straighforward (easy!) stitches.

  2. I love both pieces! Great work with the running stitch. The colors airbrushed on the top one are beautiful.

  3. You prove that 'simple' doesn't necessarily mean 'not creative.' I especially like the first piece. Very eye catching.

  4. Hi Neki,

    Your work is so unique.Loved both the pieces.Wish I was half as creative as you.
    By the way,there is a long overdue thanks to you for visiting my blog.


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