Friday, March 02, 2007


i must confess that i had a thing regarding cross stitch.To me it was the epitome of a little old lady gone crafty and it embodied many of my pet peeves. But this week's TAST
made me change my mind subito. As with all it's all in the head and not in the medium. i'm sure my co- challengees(not bad for an invented word eh?) will come up with a plethora of cool ideas. This is the actual fun part.
This week i used some hand dyed perle cotton, verigated and colored DMC plus buttons and a(very) short piece of remnant ribbon from Mokuba.

neki desu


  1. This is a great sample! Som many ideas. I love the double X you've made in the top left corner and down in the middle. Very inspiring! Now I have to make another sample... :-)

  2. Yes, I know what you mean about old ladies and cross stich........there are many ugly embroidery too!
    But I like your sample, and I love the buttons! I am a buttonfreak!

  3. I feel the same about this one. My DH used to call me a X stitch snob.
    Haven't started my samples yet - min dyou I haven't worked the fly stitch ones yet either!
    I do like the way your samples are always so freely worked. It always
    makes me think you are having a good time when you work them and are just enjoying yourself. Am I right?

  4. I love how you have experimented with the cross stitches and the button --what a great idea.

  5. I love the use of the buttons! I've been using a cross stitch for years to sew on buttons, but never realized it until now..duh. Really like your weaving too!!

  6. Well done, perhaps I won't mind sewing on buttons now I know I'm doing cross stitch:-) Great idea!
    Thank you for the suggestion about photographing sparkle, I will give it a try but I have to say that the darn piece was sparking in the sunlight, it just wouldn't register.

  7. You have a wonderful exploration of cross stitching, with sizes and colours.
    I love your weaving as well. I did a little over the years. Here on the West Coast of Canada, the first nations people did beautiful blankets. It is done with two weft yarns that are twisted between each stitch. Here is a link to a wall hanging I made:

  8. I agree, the combination of thread colors and buttons make the design very whimsical and playful!


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