Monday, February 26, 2007

incursions in hedonism

There are few things that can top a Sunday afternoon with good friends, good food, good laughs and beautiful landscape.
My Japanese class tomodachi and senseis were invited to a 1200's ( yes, you read it right) country house in Reus, 100 kms.south of Barcelona. It was a calçotada a very typical Catalan early spring eating affair.Food is abundant, all kinds of cured and grilled sausages, lamb chops, assorted salads and the star of the event: calçots with romesco
sauce, something to keep an eye on since it can be used on a variety of dishes , from grilled fish to salads. Wine. of course, flows freely and more than often appetites are whetted by playing a friendly soccer match while the calçots are on the barbecue.

The laughs,the shared chores, the dodgy soccer teams ,with the girls all playing Rachel Green,contributed to make this a mmorable event. Not to mention our Japanese teachers that were in awe, eyes like saucers, of the house and the space. Having such space constraints in their country they are spellbound when they see a 300sq meter house with acres of land surrounding it.
Numerous anecdotes took place,the most notable one being that sensei was almost an hour late!!
Another star event is the jug dinking joust where everyone with a bit of pride has to participate no matter if one ends up with wine all over one's clothes.Goes without saying, the cordon bleus do not spill a drop.

If you are ever around Catalunya in the spring a calçotada is something, even at a country restaurant without the friends and the teachers,not to be missed.

neki desu

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog regarding the TAST cross stitch (I did the flower surrounded by stitches). You absolutely understood what I was going for!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your calcotada...what fun! I felt like I was there...thanks!


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