Sunday, February 18, 2007

beautiful objects

Lazy Sunday,what luxury! Thanks to Annica ofFabulous Threads who gave me the idea of rice water to tame an unruly warp, i was able to finish the last 30 cms in a whizz. i can play now. The photo above is an itomaki, a Japanese weaving spool that i found in a bric-abrac in Takayama in the Japanese Alps.
The redeed is from the same shop an old one made from real reeds.

i do not collect textile tools. However if i happen to find one by chance i cannot
say no. Therefore in the course of time and travels i have acquired some beautiful objects of the trade.

I picked up the band loom in an open market in Cameroon. It is used by men because weaving is done by men in some African cultures. Did i hear someone snicker and say that weaving was female pursuit?

neki desu

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  1. You're right - these are beautiful objects, especially the itomaki. I have a marudai, made from maple, and although its only about 15 years old it is still lovely to look at {and touch) especially when it is threaded (?) up.


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