Tuesday, January 30, 2007

inventions that have changed my life

or at least have made it easier.
  • weaving programs!!!all that i have been able to explore wouldn't have happened had i had to use graph paper and pencil.Murphy's Law dictates that the mistake always happens in the center, so one has to erase half and start all over again. Also virtual sampling is one of the wonders of modern world.
  • Digi cams. Don't have to set up lights anymore or shoot an entire roll for just a couple of pictures, not to mention the waiting time until the roll gets developed. One can also avoid scratched negatives and slides. And it's a clean technology.
  • photoshop!!!!!! or the blessing of being able to correct a photo, contrast, lights, color, and eface a crummy background. Great for creating images which then can be woven or printed on to fabric or designing or ... the sky's the limit.
  • computer assisted dobby looms. Yes, try changing tie ups .
  • the Internet- goes without saying- fantastic for breaking studio isolation. Have met great people on line which then have met in person and have become friends with. Also my sister and i are more in contact now since we both share an acute dislike of going to the post office.

Which brings me to the subject of this photo which is almost a compendium of all the above.
It is a photo that was digitalized and manipulated and then printed on silk organza and hand stitched done before i joined the TAST
challenge. I have learned scads in these weeks and keep looking forward to each new stitch that Sharon proposes. Will definitely take one of her on line courses when i finish Japanese.

neki desu

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