Saturday, December 02, 2006

T.N.T. or terrible nihongo test

The Japanese mid term went as bad as it could get.It is amazing how can I watch Japanese t.v. and understand quite a lot and yet do so badly on tests.I wish sensei gave me points for that.The latest idea was coop tests since in class we complete each other's answers and fill in each other's gaps. Don't think it will happen in this lifetime.
Right before the Xmas morass I was able to sit down and complete this piece.
I have been printing this scanned image on to silk organza and brocaded silk.
The crackle adds depth of field-paraphrasing photographer's speak-to the work.
The yarns used were mainly linen and after a hard pressing they acquired that lovely matte sheen linen has. Have a couple more pieces to finish and then on with a new idea.

I think putting the fabric through the printer is less hassle than silk screening it at least for small sizes.Digital printing technology is indeed one of the major breakthroughs!

neki desu

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