Thursday, October 05, 2006

something new

This is a new series called fall pleasures. What I'm doing is trying to work with the season colors and convey "the season of mellow fruitfulness" with fabric collage and stitching. I'm working a lot with stitching now and it is a challenge to use it in a way that is not literal, what i mean is that it doesn'tfollow a shape or fills it but it adds another element to the dialog.I dyed silk and also used colored crayons which are becoming a favorite. Let's see where this leads.
So far i have finished 2 more that i want to include in the fabric exchange if it goes.If it doesn't they will be posted here.

neki desu

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  1. Hello, I've tried to comment on this work before, but there seemed to be a problem. I think your idea about the use of stitching is thought provoking - its making me wonder if I use stitch in this way. I hope so. How do you fix the crayons?


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