Saturday, October 21, 2006

brunette ambition

This is another work from the Fall Pleasures series. It was intended for an exchange that never happened so i am posting it here.
Lately i have been thinking a lot about my using stitching combined with surface design. Perhaps it is a revision of my school days when we were given embroidery lessons once a week.It sounds as if it took place in the middle ages, yet it wasn't that far back. i like working stitches in a non figurative way because what really interests me is not representation, but creating an extra layer of meaning with stitching.i think that using stitchery as an expressive force frees it from the precious and dainty look/ feel associated with the needlecrafts. i like leaving raw edges and some imperfections, however that does not mean shoddy craftsmanship.
Let's see where this ambition leads.

neki desu


  1. This is a very beautiful piece.

  2. Neki,

    I'm wondering if you can help me find an old friend. She is Elena Padrell Caixas (spellings may be slightly wrong) and there may be another name attached as well because she married her boyfriend Carlos. The reason I thought you might know them is that Carlos is an artist. I don't remember his last name. Anyhow, if by chance you know them, ask Elena to e-mail me at and tell her I live in Norwich, England now.


interaction appreciated!


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