Monday, September 18, 2006

true black and a visit

Karren Brito stopped by and then commented on her blog. Now we know for sure Dylon works. It may not be cost effective for big quantities, but for a couple of meters or half a kilo of silk yarn it works. The protocol is the same as for MX on silk, add acetic acid. I have a chemist shop around the corner and I get glacial acetic acid from them so that's what I use.
Here's the link for dylon with some very interesting info. As I said their black is reliable and their pewter grey
is fantastic for overdeying. So are the reindeer and desert dust beiges. For dyers who are still crying over the demise of chino I would suggest trying them. Here are some silk yarns dyed with dylon The top one is 120/2 silk and the bottom one is silk bourrete. It is not as black as the other because of the kind of yarn, but it is blacker than the picture.

I thought it would only be fair to include a pic of the much commented disaster. Believe me,it is much worse.A strange thing I noticed that after ironing it for the photo most of the pink haloing on the white stripes had subdued. Any ideas on this?

neki desu

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