Wednesday, July 19, 2006

'tis about weaving this time

This project was furiously woven in June before my guest arrived.We have been invited to a wedding ceremony in northen Spain which promises to be the bash of the season. So the girl wanted to be stylish,yet unconventional.
The loom was set in a very open wavy twill using organzine for warp at 12 ends x centimeter and woven with silk crepe weft and the fabric was going to be used for a top.I was aiming for collapse because I wanted texture,
but as ever with collapse, it has its own rules and life and it collapsed over50%.
The top had to be quickly rethought and converted at least in my mind to a short toreador top.Mind you the pattern is not yet made and Im running late(again!) because the sewing will also be done by me.
Seems that I'm going through a red phase so the fabric was dyed accordingly. It will look good with the grey dress I'll be wearing. Promise a sneak preview when finished.

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