Tuesday, February 07, 2006

oishi.i desu ne!

After the kana test in which I did neither well nor badly but just the opposite, sensei brought a small surprise for us. An assortment of teas for us to see and sniff and a dorayaki for each one.
Dorayakis are small panckake like sponge cakes filled with sweet atsuki bean paste made world famous by the anime Doraemon. Interesting the way he provides not only the language, but he also gives us the cultural context.
Had high tea with some of the green tea sensei gave us and the dorayaki. It was a perfect reward for the begining of the week.
Being already in the orientalia mood decided to to a take on thai food and cooked thai red curry chicken and cellophane noodles for dinner.
It feels wonderful when you have your own home grown lemon grass .

neki desu

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