Friday, November 21, 2014

mono no aware

have a good weekend!

neki desu
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

a useful exercise

from very little collapse to maximum.the wide white is doupioni silk in a very slubby texture.

weaves are plain and han
damask light and tight beat.

then merino wool weaves:han damask and plain weave light beat.
the collapse came in the  wet finish so it's  fulling

after these:
wool steel and crepe wool light beat,
plain weave. the weave close to
the magenta yarn is all
wool stainless by itself, with a firmer beat

48/2 merino and crepe wool, very light beat. plain weave and han damask.the warp kinks out.

end game: wool crepe same as warp

han damask light and firm beat.

 plain weave, very light beat.

neki desu
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the frugal weaver strikes again

left over crepe wool that could not possibly be cut and thrown away. since the tough part was already done which was the warping, it was only a matter of re tightening and re sleying. note the stylish printed cloth on the table serving as a threading eye-saving number   ^_^

it came out narrow, no choice. here's han damask
with a light beat and some more tightly beaten using the same wool crepe as weft. 
other wefts will follow and i am hoping this albeit narrow, will be a useful sample.

neki desu
Creative Commons License
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