Thursday, October 02, 2014

it works!

me, the toile and the studio in all its chaotic splendor. it  accommodated a sweater underneath, but i couldn't put on any weight.  added a small gusset on each side at the armscythe   et voila mes dames!
when i cut the fabric i'll just add two small bust darts and that will be it.
buttons for the blouse on hold. it has been raining so much that i can't leave the house. this is to say that i am a city girl who shops in the neighborhood stores and has no car. can't win them all.

neki desu
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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

fancy toile

this is a  multi function slip that will act as the undergarment- lining for my rendition of the lily dress and also the toile used to make what is hoped minor adjustments. i changed plans-again- because was not in the mood of spending more money on the lining undergarment than on the dress itself. one and a half meters of raw silk  did not get me enough to replicate the pattern, the skirt is really voluminous, therefore i opted for an a line slip with a back seam.
 however, if the toile doesn't work i'll have to re buy. big saving!

will sew this first and then and only then cut this baby. it was one of my buys in nippori fabric town when i was in tokyo last spring.

 the fabric is a very open plain weave combinig silk and linen which makes it crisp yet supple.
i am making a sleeveless version so it can be worn with a sweater underneath  during cold weather.

neki desu
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

you can tell it's getting cooler

more studio time! i am presently going through a flurry of pattern tracing, altering and eventually sewing. this pattern is tessutti's eva dress which i previously made this spring not an easy sew for  someone suffering from mild dislexia, but  a pleasure to wear. this time i am following this lead because i want a jumper for  fall-winter. i am picking some of my friends' brains because i want to use a *gifted knitted fabric*. more about that  tomorrow. today's  devoted to pattern altering and tracing. while at it i might consider tracing the lily dress as well. the future's calling me.

neki desu
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